Myra Carter is an artist who is never short of ideas! Inspiration and ideas are constantly overflowing…

Hi, I’m Myra and I’d like to share a bit about myself.  I am an abstract painter and I work with acrylic paints, generally on stretched canvas.  I like to use a variety of paints and techniques and mark making objects.  Usually I paint each day and I like to change it around a little by painting a soft pastel piece after a few bold colourful ones. The enjoyment for me comes in the actual process of creation and the excitement I feel when I have created something good.  Generally I would say I am a fast worker as I like to capture the energy of a loose style on the canvas. I often have a few paintings on the go at once.

Right now I am working on some large pieces where I am using a restricted colour palette of mainly black, white and gold. I am using simple shapes with texture and overlays of gold or silver.



A typical workday for me would be to start with attending to my art practice on social media in the morning and replying to email messages. Then I would go in to my studio and decide what paintings I will be working on and start getting the paint ready. I like to listen to art talks on YouTube while I work. I find it exciting to step up to a blank canvas as it’s full of potential! I take breaks as I’m working and I take photos of the painting at various stages to help me decide which direction I want it to go in. I have a mental checklist I use near the end to make sure it’s as good as it can be. Throughout the process I also ask my family for their opinion. Sometimes I have a painting sitting in my lounge for a few days while I continue to look at it and figure out what is working and what needs to change. On the days I am not painting I am often taking photographs of and uploading pieces I’ve just finished.

I am one of those artists where the creativity keeps on flowing. I am never short of ideas! I find other artists talking about their work inspiring. I find the natural world inspiring and I like to create and capture emotion in my work. I love to play with colours and shapes. I go to bed at night thinking of what I will do with my painting the next day! A painting will be on my mind until it’s done and I’m happy with it!

The best piece of advice I have ever received…  Play Play and Play! If you’re not enjoying the process it will show in your work. Be bold and don’t be scared! Don’t judge yourself harshly. Connect with your soul and be true to yourself.

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