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solart gallery

Working with alcohol and acrylic inks, Leela makes eye-popping vibrantly coloured art for your ears.  Each piece is unique.  Click on the image for more.

hp woven

Helen Philipp is a Melbourne artist and maker, also known as hp woven, who draws her inspiration from the vibrant colours of the natural world. Weaving has become her passion in life. Click on the image for more.  Helen is also the artist behind ‘Flotilla


Gatbi’s unique products are screenprinted and sewn by hand in Canberra.  Click on the image to check out their magpie doorstops in store.

teresa nunes

Teresa Nunes’ works explore texture and colour through different techniques like carving, clay staining and botanical dyeing using plants and food waste.  Click on the image for more.

deb weston

Deb Weston is a regional textile artist who reclaims unwanted carpet yarn from the rubbish tip to create #iwaslandfill yarn and products.  Click on the image for more.