Luciano is a Melbourne based arts educator and multi disciplinary artist whose work is currently featured in our PAPER exhibition.

A little about Luciano’s practice and his processes…

Luciano is a Melbourne based arts educator and multi disciplinary artist.

Inspired by his childhood experiences growing up as a first generation child of a migrant family, his artistic practice explores aspects of human nature, the differing experiences of living and the effects of sites of inquiry on identity and community.

Luciano has a deep interest in the embedded history of found, recycled and passed down materials. He seeks to intertwine the stories, symbolism, and memories of these items into new forms, building on the layers of existing materiality.

What Luciano is currently working on

Luciano recently completed a remote Artist in Residence with the City of Greater Dandenong.  In which he used lace to explore stories of everyday life and the importance of crafts to cultural connection, tradition and entertainment during the period of isolation and social distancing in the Covid-19 lockdowns. Luciano is currently completing this work for a solo show later this year.

A typical work day for Luciano

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, Luciano has been working from home in an impromptu studio space. A typical work day would start by being woken up by his cat, followed by breakfast. After checking emails and social media, Luciano sits down to work on some hand stitched point lace with an audiobook playing. During these lockdowns he has read Clare Hunter’s Threads of Life and Elizabeth Wayland Barber’s Women’s Work.

View and purchase Luciano’s work from our current exhibition here.