Megan Zingel LOVES pressed flowers… and uses them to create what she craves to see…

We recently caught up with Geelong local maker, Megan Zingel… here’s what she shared with us…

Please tell us a little about yourself, your processes and practice…

I’m a Geelong based maker getting back into creating after some time focusing on study. I use pressed flowers to create contemporary pressed flower artworks, often using methods to lift the flowers from the page and create beautiful shadows from their delicate forms.

Please tell us a little about your works, how they evolve, what inspires you to create them

Flowers bring people such joy, though their often short-lived beauty troubles me! I love preserving them through pressing and drying, and seeing their beauty evolve into something different but equally as enthralling. I like to place my flowers, petals and other plant materials that I’ve chosen to work with onto the page and play around, often for hours, with a design until it looks “right”. Sometimes I know what I’m aiming for, other times not. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to let something beautiful emerge from nothing.

Can you please share with us what sort of studio or workspace you currently create in?

I am very lucky to have a shipping ontainer workspace that I’ve fitted out with my work benches, supplies and pieces by my artist friends displayed around the walls. The huge doors let in a fantastic amount of light and it’s nice to have your own space for sitting quietly and working away in.

Do you have a favourite quote? Is there a special piece of advice which you cherish, work by and would like to share?

A quote that has really stuck with me in regards to creativity is ‘Create that which you crave to see’ by Sue Mcleary, who is an amazing American floral artist. I think it’s really important to create things you love, then it becomes an expression of joy, and we probably all need to cultivate and share more joy! I think this is great advice for anyone in any aspect of life really, but especially when it comes to creating.