pink & green… with something in between exhibition works

Here you can view each of the art pieces featured in our current exhibition and learn more about the story that lies behind each one. 

All art pieces are available for purchase.

Simply click on the image of the art piece you would love to own.  

Painting - image of artwork - Monoliths and Echoes
Ceramic Art - Wave
Painting - Caravans on the Hill
Painting - Calming Moment
Ceramic Sculpture - Triumph over Adversity
Ceramic art piece - Connectiveness of Planes
Painting - In the Distance
Painting - Storm on the Horizon
Abstract painting featured in pink & green exhibition
Ceramic Art - Fishes in the Pot 1
Image of one part of diptych titled: Telephone
Ceramic Art - Fishes in the Pot 1
Image of artwork - River Scene, Blue
Painting - image of artwork - Just around the bend
Ceramic art piece - Coastal Flat
Ceramic art - Fishes in the Pot 2
Painting - image of golden horizon
Ceramic Art - Outback View
Artwork image titled - River Scene, Red
Image of artwork - Room with A View
Image of artwork - Room with A View
Painting - Quiet Existence
Image of diptych artwork titled: Telephone