A Light On The Past by Cherie Roessler


Medium: Mixed Media

Dimensions: 60 x 51cm


This piece looks at the Italian translation of Still Life, “Morta Natura’ (dead nature) and considers the mortality of both the people represented in the photographs, and the mortality of the viewer.
We consider the many ages depicted, the backstory and the relationships and history of those looking out from the images.

The open album invites onlookers into a personal realm of memory, joy and heart ache. A warm and feminine space, surrounded by one of the iconic wall hanging ducks, roses for love and forget-me-nots, as well as a full cup of tea, ready to accompany someone down memory lane.

The composition of the work takes the viewer’s eye on a circular journey, mimicking the circle of life, while enticing one to take a closer view of the album, which is upside-down.
Light features as a moving element of still life and provides additional warmth, comfort and invitation.


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