A Little Vase of Happy by Cherie Roessler


Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas

Dimensions: 40 x 30cm


In A Little Vase Of Happy, I attempt to infuse joy and movement in the piece, with saturated colour and by use of untraditional art tools. By stretching the limitations of what it is to capture a still life, I question the static and stringent beliefs of the modality. The viewer can see the way the light plays on a still surface, how the dust dances in the air and the fact that the flowers slowly wilt and decay while their image is portrayed.

As an artist, I prefer brightly saturated work, which provides excitement and a sense of uplift. But within that, I also like to pose a question to the viewer. Do we have limitations? What are the true constructs of art? And is still life truly still? A Little Vase Of Happy represents the fleeting moments of happiness in our lives, which go by too quickly.


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