A Still Life Pink Lilies by Steven Hall


Medium:  Oil paint on canvas

Dimensions: 44 x 30 x 4cm


I believe the still life genre captures the timelessness of storied objects; a blossom wilting caught and frozen in time, a passing shadow, a colour fading in the light. A Still Life of Pink Lilies is a beautiful painting in the theme of still life, following the tradition of painting the everyday, it is quiet contemplation of an object from domestic life: beauty in an otherwise ordinary and unremarkable bouquet of pink lilies. The choice of colour palette is deliberate; the flowers were a gift from my wife and her favourite colour is yellow, so the background is a bright, airy lemony yellow offsetting the complimentary pinks. I completed the oil painting in one sitting and I decided to leave it somewhat unfinished as a nod to the spontaneity of still life, painting moments passing in time.


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