Anemone Fantastica by Jess Hall


Medium: pencil on paper
Dimensions: 64 x 86cm (framed)

Made in 2021

Anemone Fantastica depicts botanical, anatomical and cellular imagery to create hybrid, biomorphic forms that are joined together through repetition and pattern. Anemone Fantastica from the Imaginary Science series is a slightly surreal, sci fi take on the floral pattern tradition in textile design.

Imagined life forms are created from the influence of Australian and European flora. The work posits about the environment and climate change by exploring the hybridity of flora and looking at botanicals on a cellular level. Anemone Fantastica explores liminal spaces between art and science and is part of a broader descriptive drawing, painting and embroidery practice. Colour relationships are tonal, with soft pencils on watercolour paper used to give a dreamy, fantastical feeling to the work. Anemone Fantastica is about the interaction of different disciplines, including the interplay between science and art, art and craft, craft and feminism.


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