Atila – Winter Sunset


Artist/maker: Tamara Russell

Medium: Textiles – Vintage damask linen, hand dyed and stitched.
Dimensions: 43H x 33W x 4D cm


Artwork statement:

Winter’s cold brings on an amazing richness of desert colour and peacefulness as the day finishes at Atila.

When darkness begins to fall, Atila goes through a mesmerizing colour shift. The sky’s colour changes from the bright blue of day to an amazing array of winter colour as the sun dips behind the horizon. The colours seem surreal against the wild, sparse landscape. The clear view of the stars only serves to emphasise the monoliths beauty.

Atila is a sacred burial site for the Pitjantjatjara people of Central Australia. Known as Mt Conner, Atila is sister to Uluru and Kata-Tjuta.

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