Bonnie and Clyde by Romana Topic


Medium: Graphite on paper

Dimensions: 54 x 44 cm (framed)

2020 was an unusual year, for me, life was slower and unfamiliar in an eerily familiar way. I spent much more time at home, on the farm in nature, bonding with my animals, much like my childhood. Sadly, my dog Bonnie lost her best friend and became a completely different dog, I did not know animals could grieve so hard. So when we got her a new friend named Clyde, she was immediately smitten and they have become inseparable since. I decided I wanted to capture the unique bond that healed Bonnie and inspired me. I brought my camera on our routine walk and took many photos. I noticed one particular photo captured their essence perfectly, I knew I had to draw it.

Home, where the art is.




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