Carrying the load by Sienna Barton


Medium:  Textiles

Dimensions:  57 cm (h) x 63cm (w)

How long did it take me to make this basket? A better question might be, ‘how long does it take to measure a piece of string?’

This mammoth work can be seen as representative of my anxiety during COVID-19. Instead of repeatedly circling through negative thoughts, I channelled that energy into weaving a (seemingly endless) ball of twine – keeping my hands busy seemed to soothe my overwhelmed mind. The main structure is made from offcuts from when I used to weave wall hangings, repurposing materials that would otherwise become waste.

Once I finished making the twine, I formed the structure of the basket, the total process taking a number of months. The end product representing everything I was anxious about in the time COVID-19: lost social lives, job insecurity, bouts of deep anxiety and depression.

In the end I, too, made it out whole (and somewhat together).




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