Choric Tangles


Artist/maker: Grace Pundyk

Medium:  hand-made wallaby parchment, linen thread, beeswax, gold leaf, grass seeds, silk thread, indigo, saffron, lac insects
Dimensions:  3 pieces
1. 7cm x 5cm
2. 8cm x 5cm
3. 6cm x 5cm

May be acquired separately ($100 each piece)


Artwork statement:
‘Choric tangles’ is a series of parchment ‘receptacles’ that plays with and challenges traditional notions/concepts of chora. Plato identified ‘chora’ as a passive, formless space; a womb, an empty, invisible ‘her’ and ‘beast’, that exists purely as a vessel that supports the active fashioning of forms, ideas and worlds of male subjectivity.
These nest-like receptacles, however, are not bound by any formal structure, or frame. They resemble a weaving but in fact are held together by the parchment’s own shape-shifting qualities and their forms is constantly changing. In this way, the pieces can be understood as existing within a borderless geography, where any defined boundaries, delineations, are blurred. As per the Medieval manuscript-making traditions of using natural plant and animal ingredients, the pieces are worked with natural dyes – indigo, lac insects, henna and saffron – beeswax, gold and silver leaf, linen and silk threads, and grass seeds.

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