Covid 19 Spring by Kathy Fahey


Medium: Acrylic paint and pencil on board

Dimensions: 23 x 13 cm

Wattle in full bloom is a quintessential element of an Australian landscape in late Winter and early Spring. In 2020 during the second Covid 19 lockdown the blossoming wattle took on an extra significance for me as I took my allotted exercise in a local park filled with remnant native bushland. It was with joy that I watched various species of wattle saplings take off and bloom against the backdrop of native parkland, the bright yellow flowers sparkling against the blackened and burnt eucalyptus trees and clear blue skies. The wattle is always there but in 2020 their blossom seemed much brighter, a more potent symbol of better times to come. I have always felt at home in the Australian bush and this sense of being at home was heightened in 2020, my walks amongst the eucalypts and wattles became a haven in a troubled world.




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