Covid Wattle by Kathy Fahey


Medium: Acrylic paint and pencil on board

Dimensions: 13 x 23 cm

The Australian landscape is one the central motifs of my art practice. It defines my sense of place and represents my home. During Covid 19 Lockdown, unable to move outside a five-kilometre range, friends and I regularly walked around Blackburn Lake Sanctuary, a large parkland in Melbourne full of remnant native bushland. Watching this bushland change with the passing of the seasons was a healing and joyous experience in a time of universal upheaval and in many places, suffering.

In 2020, the wattle blossoms seemed to take on a special significance, a herald of better days to come and a reminder that if we have the time to look there is often beauty on our doorstep. In a troubled world I found beauty and solace within striking distance of home.




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