Day 3 by Nicola Aldridge


Medium: gouache

Dimensions: 29.7 x 21cm


Nicola Aldridge is an up and coming artist/illustrator from Geelong, Victoria. In 2015 she completed her Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts). Her practice documents the exploration of subjects such as femininity, body image, and the effects of social media on our society.

This work ‘Day 3’ was created during the most recent lockdown. This piece was created with the intention of exploring different mediums everyday. Everyday was a repeat of the last, with the highlight of each day being going for a walk and getting a coffee at the local cafe. The artist wanted to illustrate this daily repeat by also repeatedly painting the same mundane image daily. She chose to focus these works on her daily coffee, and use colour and brush strokes to illustrate the emotions throughout the lockdown period.


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