De-lineated by Mary-Ellen Belleville


Medium: Calico, wire, tin hoop, cotton and plastic threads

Dimensions: 30 x 19 cm

Like a bowerbird, when out walking – if something catches my eye, I bring it home. Home during the latter part of 2020 was of the mobile variety for me – traipsing round small country towns in outback NSW.

A roadside coffee stop beside a small cemetery provided the first ingredient for me. I faded green snippet of fabric caught my ‘clean up rubbish’ eye. I pondered its provenance – soon realising it was a weathered leaf from a silk flower somewhere close. From a loved one’s headstone and final home?

An op shop find of a blank, rust-stained piece of calico, stretched ready for stitching in an odd metal hoop was the second ingredient. Projects of slow stitching had definite appeal – so I began with that raggy bit of cloth, adding wire; threads pulled from the calico; other scraps gleaned from the ground.




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