Embroidered Specimen 04


Artist/maker: Jess Hall

Medium: Dye, wool and cotton embroidery on linen
Dimensions: 20cm (diameter)
Ready to hang


Artwork statement:

‘Embroidered Specimens’ present invented florals and faux scientific imagery, creating imagined, sci fi life forms from the influence of Australian and European botanicals. The specimens respond to the interplay between science and art, positing about the environment and climate change by creating surreal, fantastical specimens that suggest an unknown, future environment. Working with embroidery as a drawing technique these specimens feature backstitch, French knots, turkey rug stitch and needle felting technique.

The influence of fashion is played out through the techniques, colour palette and tactility of the materials, reminiscent of embroidery samplers. These works make use of traditional craft practices in a contemporary context, referencing the embroidery hoop and the petri dish.

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