Eucalyptus Study 2 by Charlotte Guest


Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas

Dimensions: 34 x 34cm

Eucalyptus Studies is a conversation with a twisted branch, rendered in acrylic. The leaves cast shadows on the canvas, which I traced as they shimmered and warped.

During lockdown, I walked the You Yangs thinking of concentric circles (topographical maps, rings of steel) which then made their way into paint. Some days the rain came down and I painted its rhythm as a pattern. The paintings wear these layers on the outside – leaves, shadow, hills, rain – like an exoskeleton.

This process speaks to my interest in patternicity, a concept in psychology that explains the human need to make patterns out of chaos. Patternicity became, for me, a way of coping with the havoc of 2020: patterns in art, reading, writing, and eating. Eucalyptus Studies, as a diptych, is about the comfort and homeliness to be found in repetition, and the internal logic of the natural world.




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