Eve Bag-a-celli by Mary-Ellen Belleville


Medium: Vintage beaded evening bag, fabric, seashells, seaglass, beads, seaweed, paper mache

Dimensions:  39 x 23.5 diameter (glass dome)

Botticelli’s Renaissance masterpiece “Birth of Venus”, is a joyous celebration of female sexuality. The painting shows the goddess of love and beauty arriving on land, on the island of Cyprus, born of the sea spray and blown there by the winds, Zephyr and, perhaps, Aura.

My inspiration for this mixed media sculpture is the vintage evening bag, which in its day would have graced the arm of a young debutante perhaps. It has now aged gracefully, is fragile, has outgrown its use. I hope that it will continue to emanate a sense of foregone ‘beauty’ in its protective glass dome, a nod to the Victorian era penchant for ‘preserving’ and showcasing precious items under glass.

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