Forgotten by Olivia Siddaway


Medium: Silver Gelatin Photographic Print

Dimensions: 54 x 54cm


Still life to an analogue black and white photographer like myself begins when I gaze into my waist level view finder and determine the composition of my subject matter that feels complete. As a photographer you are obsessed with light. Its quality, strength, and the way that it falls on objects. The way it picks up on detail and how its absence highlights an images focal point.

Watching my work come alive in a tray in the darkroom is magical as the silver gelatin paper gives the subject depth and life. This image captures not just the beauty but the essence of a moment between photographer and object. An object that once had purpose only to be discarded and forgotten. Abandoned, and in its monochromatic representation you can feel the faint whisper of what it has seen and heard as it sat silent.


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