Homing In by Jo Wattle Taylor


Medium:  Encaustic and mixed media

Dimensions: 39 x 38cm

For many years, my home was far away, over oceans. For a long time, I sought to return home to Australia. When I finally arrived, I found myself picking up pieces of who I am as I moved through the landscape; in the clear blue of the ocean, the ochre of the earth, the smell of tea-tree flowers in sand dunes, and in the sound of the wind through Casuarina trees.

I find it is a continuum – this process of homing in; on who I am and how I belong, in my spirit, to this ancient living land.

This work was created on the unceded land of the Wadawurrung people, and with respect for the traditional owners of this land. It was created in respect for the spirit(s) of the land (nature), and for the interconnection of all (things) beings.




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