In the Rain by Sonica


Acrylic painting
90 x 90cm

Ready to hang

Inspired by La Niña…  Sonica read and saw the news about these conditions, looked at the pictures and then couldn’t stop thinking.  She had to paint what she thought of it.

“In the Rain” has colours from this phenomenon. Sonica has used Daintree, deep space, summer night, French blue, fawn, skin tone base, titanium white with a dash of gold.

As Australia prepares for La Niña, this is what it will look like on our East coast. 2020 is one year full of itself! This painting is a created with hope that no matter what happens we have got it, we will see through all this and it’s all going to be fine!

Be safe everyone and take good care!
Much love️!

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Sonica considers herself an art admirer, nature lover and a passionate creator. Her love for vibrant and metallic colours comes from traveling, exploring new places and capturing the landscapes. She has a special interest in abstract expressionism.

Exploring abstract art in terms of form, layers, texture and shape is what excites her the most. Form clearly depicts her innermost feelings and emotions. She loves using palette knives, unusual elements and tools with various media to give depth to her artwork.

Sonica likes to develop a concept and create variations within elements of those concepts.

Sonica is based in Ballarat, Australia where she works from her peaceful home studio. She believes that mind and matter are connected.