Indestructible – The Cult of the Tardigrade


Artist/maker: Clara Batton Smith

Medium: Textiles – Hand embroidered floss on wool felt, repurposed cotton applique, yarn, fiber fill and reclaimed wood
Dimensions: 36cm x 32cm

Framed and ready to hang


Artwork statement:
When the world feels overwhelming (and for me that is quite often) I find myself drawn to things that make me feel insignificant but in a good way. My microscope is a favourite escape and tardigrades are the most treasured and toughest amongst the microbes. Watching a whole colony of microbes in a single drop of water I wonder if they comprehend my existence at all or if more likely my being is completely irrelevant to them. My irrelevance gives me a feeling of freedom, permission to remind myself the only thing that ever really matters is the people I love and care about. I also love that tardigrades can survive the most extreme conditions, craziest situations that life has to offer and still persist.

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