It’s Still Life, for the Hoary Redpoll at -67 Degrees Celsius by Zora Verona


Medium: Natural fibre sculpture

Dimensions: 24 x 23 x 7cm


As a Yarra Valley based maker and forager, I create ephemeral sculptures from flora, fauna and found objects. Showcasing the beauty of natural fibres, my bird nest sculptures aim to honour the fragility and resilience of nature, inspiring a sense of wonder, awe and connection to our natural world.

In these uncertain times of a pandemic, may we take heart that even in the the most barren of landscapes, there is still life. With all the fragility of a tiny snowball of downy feathers, the Hoary Redpoll calls the tundra of the Barren Islands of the Arctic his home. Despite the challenging temperatures, descending to as low as – 67 degrees Celsius, with hope for the future and their progeny, the Hoary Redpoll still build their nests. As we must also do during these challenging times, we must insulate our nests, with beauty, warmth, hope and resilience.

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