Jane Bodnaruk – Textile Art – Compassion


Artwork statement:
Compassion is one of a series of artworks made by Jane Bodnaruk to interrogate and practice care – from care for our social environments to care for our physical environments.
Clothing has long been described as our second skin. It comes with embedded stories of previous lives and is used as a metaphor for the human body. The fabric which previously concealed the body has been deconstructed into strips and utilised in the construction of new fabrics through weaving and new forms through manipulation. These new structures represent actions of care. The skeletal frame of seams provides a physical reminder of individuals, communities, and environments – the givers, and recipients of care.
By valuing discarded textile objects and by focusing on compassion and care for people and environment, Bodnaruk’s work embodies the significance of a ‘Waste Not: Want Not’ creative practice.

Artwork title:
Artist name:
Jane Bodnaruk
Medium: Second-hand clothes
Dimensions:  200 x 100  x 30 cm (Height x Width x Depth)
Weight: 500 grams

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