Jem Olsen – Textile Art – Blanket circa 2020


Artwork statement:
It is estimated that at the height of the covid pandemic, three million disposable face masks were used every minute (Science Daily, 10 March 2021). Referencing the make-do approach of traditional patchwork quilting, Blanket circa 2020 is created from twenty disposable, discarded face masks and other items collected over the last few years; items that once provided physical security against infection as well as acting as a visible symbol of this. Whilst manufactured as disposable medical waste, this work deliberately repurposes these materials in a way reminiscent of how scrap fabrics were revered and reused in previous generations.

Artwork title:
Blanket circa 2020
Artist name:
Jem Olsen
Medium: Patchwork quilting using disposable face masks and medical garments
Dimensions:  82.5 x 60cm (Height x Width)
Weight: 250 grams

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