King of Nothing by Katika Schultz


Medium: Watercolour on wood

Dimensions: 68 x 52cm


Dr Scott Welsh is a playwright from Geelong, Victoria.

I met Scott when he was very poor, undernourished, and selling poetry on the streets in Sydney. His home consisted of a mattress and tonnes of books scattered everywhere, without tire, under a lot of strain and disorder, Scott sustained an arts practice.

Scott is a kind-hearted man; generous and intelligent in a beautifully abstract kind of way. Even though he is has a relatively stable life these days, Scott still lives by a strong moral code embedded in justice and equality.

“King of Nothing” is my homage to the downtrodden individual who keeps on keeping on through thick and thin speaking their truth no matter who is listening. Poverty and mental health still ravage our society grossly, for finding help and getting out of harm’s way, Scott is an exception, not the rule. Scott uses poetry and humour to heal.

This work is inspired by an original photograph by Subramaniam Velayutham.




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