Linear Chaos by Alexandra Cerutti


61  x 40.5cm
Printed on Aluminium

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Artwork concept

Alexandra says: "Our visual environment is full of frequent objects and scenes; it is this familiarity that makes the physical world around us a place that we can navigate. However, the very same familiarity dulls our perception to the intriguing aspects or exciting details of what we pass by day after day. A good photographer has a keen eye to capture the unnoticed, the marginal, and the peripheral, the almost invisible that escapes attention in the ordinary course of our busy lives. I am making the unnoticed something visible by focusing on a unique form and composing in our ready-made environment, capturing an otherwise peripheral scene in life."


About Alexandra Cerutti
Alexandra Cerutti was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1990. At 17 years old, she began studying audiovisual arts in Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in her native country. She had been photographing since 2011, giving the artist the opportunity to appreciate the world. She looks at things differently and sees them how she never saw them before, finding the true beauty of something in everyday abstraction. Her background is in Visual Arts and through the years she has had the opportunity to exhibit in several galleries in USA. Cerutti participated in two exhibitions in Venice, was part of a group exhibit in Spain, and exhibited in Bogota, Colombia in an International Collective during 2017. She was also selected by Photographer's Forum Magazine to be part of the book "Best Photography 2017" with an honorable mention and exhibited in Budapest, Hungary in 2018.