Luffing by Mary-Ellen Belleville


Medium: Seashells, razor clam shells, watercolour painting, bamboo base.
Dimensions: 14 x 11 x 11cm

Made in 2021

Luffing is a yachting term that relates to sailing your craft closer to the wind. I see the translucent razor clam shells as ‘sails’ but I also see them as the shell shaped shades that were placed in the orchestra pit in old time theatres.  Their purpose was to illuminate the sheet music for the orchestra, directing the light into the pit, thus making the orchestra ‘invisible’ to the on stage performers and to the audience.  I can imagine my coral ‘ballerinas’ being illuminated by these delicate shell-lightshades.  Like Victorian era parlour domes, I have tried to collect small treasures that inspire dreams and wonder.

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