My Daughter by Sis Gardner


Paper Collage on 300gsm Arches hot press Watercolour Paper
92x 72cm

Framed (pale timber)

In stock


My Daughter was born from a vision to create 'paper on paper', highlighting the delicacy of this medium as well as honouring the diversity of using paper. In this piece, the 'Art' is in the creating itself. The vision coming to life from the selecting, cutting and placing of paper to form an image of a young daughter and her mother. In the artwork, the young girl is surrounded by a halo which represents the vision through her mothers eyes. She holds a lotus flower representing purity of heart and her aspirations. The mother upholds the vision of her daughter; vulnerability, vibrancy, delicacy, and strength. There was a great source of enjoyment in the process of completing this piece! Holding the image in my mind, but allowing each colour, and each little piece of textured paper to ultimately determine the outcome. There is a sense of freedom creating this way.