On Line by Carol Kite-Close


Materials: paper, mono printing, found objects, string, plastic doll, nail polish, copper wire, tin

Dimensions: 40.6(H) x 20(W) x 20cm(D)

This was my domestic world, which in turn became my whole universe. The uncertainty, of life, of learned social protocol, had me bouncing around unsure of the next direction. Nature and plants became my meditative circle.

I developed this artwork, using found objects and printing plants from my garden onto a circular/plate like surface. I like to incorporate societies discarded objects in my art, like everyone I am concerned with our accumulation of waste. The printing technique has been striped down to the basics, using ink to print and coloured pencils to add more detail to the work. The toilet rolls are made out of Washi paper and seem to be always out of my reach.




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