Required Reading by Deborah McHugh


Materials: canvas, linen thread, handmade reclaimed cloth, waste leather

Dimensions:  35 x 10 x 1cm

Thrumming through the leaves of a cloth-stitched book, the aged linen thread runs fluidity over the surface of my fingers. I turn the page in reflection and the canvas fabric wilts over, revealing a new but familiar weaving pattern.

The canvas swatches rescued from samples stock, belonged to Corio Brand Canvas Goods days long past.

Each of the six pages tell a story through the woven design, reconceptualized in stitch thread, informing six basic human needs. As these fundamental needs are balanced in life, ownership provides as ease within this territory that I’m ‘At Home’.

Assurance of certainty and stepping into uncertainty. Validation of uniqueness and close connection with others. Placed to expand capacity, understanding and capability as well as giving to and supporting outside myself.




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