Rozalie Sherwood – Textile Art – Just Looking, Officer


Artwork statement:
This painted and stitched acrylic panel came from Sherwood’s travel to DRC in 2019 – a country disrupted by war, poverty and corruption. Using a Congolese banknote and overlapping stitched shapes that vaguely represent damaged wheels, the work is a reflection on extreme waste juxtaposed against extreme want.
Children were begging in gutters while an army officer was sitting in his modern Mercedes convertible in a deeply rutted road, talking with his colleague leaning into the car. How could anyone own a car like that in this country? Why would anyone want to drive it on these roads?
Sherwood must have shown too much interest because shouting followed her… and she was pretty sure she was being told to mind her own business.

Artwork title: Just Looking, Officer
Artist name:
Rozalie Sherwood
Medium: Linen, ink, thread on acrylic sheet
Dimensions: 40x40cm
Weight: 300 grams

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