Rozalie Sherwood – Textile Art – The Snakes and Ladders of Democracy


Artwork statement:
This painted and stitched acrylic panel came from Sherwood’s travel to DRC in 2019 – a country disrupted by war, poverty and corruption. With strong black lines of stitching, it includes a partially burned banknote, faded words torn from an article on democracy and painted linen representing drops of blood, creating a picture of democracy as this well-known game.
Presidential elections will be held later this year. The previous elections promised a republic where everyone could live in security and dignity. Wasted words.
Passing street vendors selling sim cards and internet access, Sherwood saw the huge piles of cash most had sitting on tables in front of them. She found it disturbing to see all those notes sitting out in the open relatively safely – one of these piles would barely buy a litre of milk.

Artwork title: The Snakes and Ladders of Democracy
Artist name:
Rozalie Sherwood
Medium: Linen, ink, thread, banknote, paper torn from article on democracy on acrylic sheet
Dimensions: 61x46cm
Weight: 300 grams

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