Sheba’s Legs


Artist/maker: Grace Pundyk

Medium:  disposable paper bowls, gold leaf, found grasses, silk, pages/text from vintage family bible
Dimensions: 4 pieces
Dimensions for three pieces:
15cm x 9cm
Dimension for fourth piece:
26cm x 9cm

May be acquired separately ($50 each)


Artwork statement:
Sheba’s Legs’ is a set of incantation bowls that takes inspiration from the ancient practice of ‘magic bowl’. Used across the Abrahamic religions to expel demons and protect houses, these bowls were inscribed with incantations, divine names, curses and spells and then inverted and buried.
In Sheba’s Legs, gilded disposable paper bowls woven with grasses and silk threads are inscribed with biblical verses. The bowls, by design, represent sustenance; their material riches of and from the earth. But the ‘sacred text’, which was cut from a recently inherited family bible, rather than promising protection or absolution, reflects a devaluing of the divine feminine – be it woman and/or nature – and an affirmation to vulnerability, submission and slavery. In this way, the bowls could be viewed as a kind of lamentation, but one that invites us to actively engage in a ritual process of healing and re-memorising.

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