Soleil by Nyulla Safi


45.5 (H) x 62.5 (W) cm

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Nyulla's story behind Soleil:

Today the sun caught on fire and chased away the storms. He then took his rays and wrote a requiem of love, played for you by an orchestra of sunflowers.

Born in Montmartre Paris, then migrated to Australia where she joined the Australian Army. Nyulla is an Australian Army veteran who is drawn to the environment as her subject matter through an intuitive, art therapy-based approach for injuries sustained during her military service.

She works intuitively and is surprised by what appears as her hands move and her mind is immersed in the moment. This is a place where she can be perfectly happy; a place for reflection; her own interior landscape. She is currently experimenting with acrylic as well as oil paints and especially enjoys working with pallet knives.

Nyulla has been published in two Art books in London.