Still life with an emerald ring by Sveta Chay


Medium: Acrylic paints, varnish

Dimensions: 50 x 50cm


I find great interest in looking for new facets of well-known subjects: fruits, vases of flowers, everyday objects of the physical world. I try not only to show the beauty of the surrounding objects, but also to fill the work with hints and riddles.

My work with paints, palette, and brushes is free of ideas in advance – the process is of creating, not a classical piece, but jazz; where color or and stroke call the “melody” and where there is a place for famous quotes, classical techniques and even a joke.

My works begin with Free Inspiration, creating first an abstraction allowing the resulting play of spots, shapes and lines to give rise to an accessible image.

Transforming the objectless image to the figurative is my attempt to build a fragile bridge from the world of ideas and feelings to the world of material objects.


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