Surface Yield


Artist Statement:
Textile waste and indigo dye, both potent motifs working through ecological concerns, are used here to make paper-pulp paintings. The salvaged textiles, already from paddock to product, worn thin and discarded, are redirected from landfill, hand-dyed in seven shades of natural indigo, then transformed. Paper is not simply a substrate for another medium, the works are fibers deconstructed and reconstructed, materials rendered distinctly different from their original forms. Gradations of blue become both substance and action, also echoing tipping points or thresholds in both climate change and our perception of it.

Artwork title: Surface Yield
Artist name: Rachael Wellisch
Medium: Hand-made paper, from indigo dyed textile waste, hardwood frame from salvaged floorboards
Dimensions: 15 (h) x 23 (w) x 5 (d) cm (diptych)
Framed and ready to hang

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