Take Away by Faye Butler


Medium: Mixed media – copper mesh and vitreous enamel

Dimensions: approx 40cm x 40cm x 10cm


These three take away containers are a conduit for reflecting on changing traditions and rituals. The archaic custom of sitting down at the family dining table has been superseded by the crash and dash of eating on the run and takeaway for dinner, the crushing speed of microwave meals and drive through convenience stores.

Made from enamelled copper mesh, these three objects take the form of disposable vessels. However, the expendability of an everyday takeaway object is contradicted by the time taken in making the work, the permanence of the materials and the reference to fine bone china in the floral emblems. This work utilised black liquid vitreous enamel to heighten the sense of loss as the family trades chinaware for a faster paced lifestyle and throw-away culture.



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