The Blessing and the Curse


Artist/maker: Clara Batton Smith

Medium: Textiles – Hand embroidered floss on wool felt, repurposed linen and cotton applique, yarn and reclaimed wood
Dimensions: 48cm x 59cm
Framed and ready to hang


Artwork statement:
I was raised by a “Southern Belle” who believed in submitting to her husband, loved the Country Club, looked down her nose at any female who backed the Equal Rights Amendment, and made me take etiquette and ironing lessons to be a proper wife. She also taught herself heirloom smocking, started her own successful company, was a passionately, active anti racist and housed refugees from behind the iron curtain. My mother is a beautiful conundrum, much like my own journey to motherhood. I will forever be grateful I was able to carry my children. Both times my insides tried their best to kill me with a 29cm dermoid cyst that had to be removed along with my ovary through surgery at 15 weeks pregnant with my son and HELLP Syndrome with my daughter.

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