Trepidus, Patron Saint of the Socially Anxious by Dannye Radakovich



Medium: ceramic, glaze, platinum and mother-of-pearl lustres
Dimensions: 22 x 9 x 7cm

Monastic, artist, helpmate, and founder of the Church of Noughts. Their feast day is 31 October. Trepidus accepts offerings of perfumed flowers, chocolate fudge that isn’t chewy, rosewater in secondhand vessels, and other hippy shit.

Dannye (sounds like Dani) Radakovich is a multimedia artist living on unceded Wadawurrung Land. Dannye’s work explores themes of alienation, isolation, class, and community. Dannye’s “little guys” are most often reflective self-portraits.

Trepidus transforms insurmountable anxiety and fear into a patronus of beauty to consider.  This has been a very little thing, but it’s been one of the most healing.

Instagram @dannye.radakovich

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