Artist Statement:
‘Veronica’ is evocative of Dark Academia and the Italian Renaissance. The drawing is built in layers of charcoal, inks, dry pastels, graphite, conte and pencils, and repeated several times until a desirable effect and patina are achieved. This usually takes 100 hours or more. I stop when I believe that the drawing has a subtle range of tones not usually seen in the first attempt. Each layer of drawing is practice for the next layer. Each layer adds nuances, redolent of old silver-bromide photographs, difficult if not impossible to achieve in one layer alone.

Artwork title: Veronica
Artist name: Linda Schneider
Medium: Charcoal, ink, conte, graphite, and pastel on 300gsm Arches watercolour paper
Dimensions: 88 x 69cm
Framed and ready to hang

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