Waiting by Faye Butler


Medium: Mixed media – copper mesh, vitreous enamel and textiles

Dimensions: 85cm x 60cm x 18cm


The known, usual, normal of our everyday routine was pulled out from under us when pandemic struck in 2020. We were thrown into an unstable pause when we found ourselves in lockdown; disengaged and isolated from family, friends and sometimes livelihood, unable to gather with those we love for tea and a chat.

The tea set, a symbol of domestic routine, celebrating the customary coming together of community has become superfluous in this new form. Made from vitreous enamelled copper mesh and decorated with a variety of surface treatments, it isn’t practical. Unable to hold liquids or foodstuffs, it can no longer be used in familial service. However, each vessel can be viewed as a metaphor for self, containing the memories and emotions of a troubled year.




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