Artist/maker: Miranda Brett (in collaboration with photographer, John Street)

Medium: Hand embroidery on silk photograph
Dimensions:  72cm x 89cm x 15cm


Artwork statement:
I was asked by photographer John Street to infuse textiles into this beautiful analogue photograph on silk. There is an underlying subtle flow of infinite energy and colour in this piece which I wanted to contrast with simple finite organic forms of thread arising from its depths. Perfection is the space that allows individual forms to truly be themselves with all their imperfections….for me this is the definition of love.
John Street was one of the top fashion and advertising photographers of London in the 1960’s. John continues to explore the nature of light and finding innovative ways to bring his photographic artwork to life for the observer. Waterlillies was photographed on an ultra large format camera 24” x 20” and printed onto silk fabric.

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