What Lies Beneath


Artist Statement:

Kerrie Taylor, a mixed media artist, responds to the natural world’s beauty, particularly mangroves.
Kerrie worked with First Nations people in the Northern Territory for over 20 years. She walked with an Elder showing his grandson how to find mud mussels within the mangroves. Their foraging on country was rich with cultural, spiritual and environmental teachings.
To depict the complex mangrove root environment an exploration of light play, ink drawings and textile sculptures was used to produce this digital print.
The work reflects Kerrie’s deep respect for Aboriginal wisdom and way forward to connect to, love and protect the land.

Artwork title: What Lies Beneath
Artist name: Kerrie Taylor
Medium: Textile sculptures, ink drawings, light and shadow play to produce digital image printed on archival paper
Dimensions: 70 x 52cm
Framed and ready to hang

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