mary-ellen belleville

Mary-Ellen Belleville completed her Bachelor of Education (Art & Craft) in 1979 after exploring various jobs ranging from library assistant, receptionist duties in the retail motorcar industry, air hostessing – but landed on her feet when she discovered the exciting world of arts at Melbourne State College. Here she found her tribe! The four years allowed her the opportunity to dabble in a wide range of mediums – she majored in ceramics and textiles. A career in the hospitality industry usurped her creative energies, but she always maintained a keen interest in all manner of ‘art-making’. Her most recent solo exhibition ‘DollyVardenesque’ in 2018 showcased small sculptures created from found ‘treasures’ – realm she continues to explore and feast upon. [Wall] flower seeks to celebrate some of the lost arts, so for the exhibition I created a series of ‘parlour domes’ which were popular decorative items in Victorian era homes. Together with fan, broom & corndolly making, the art of assembling silk or dried flowers, seashells, all kinds of treasures under glass is one of many on The Heritage Crafts Assoc, U.K Red List of endangered crafts!

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