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rohana holiday

Rohana is a Geelong based contemporary jeweller and object maker who creates one of a kind pieces of jewellery.

Rohana’s work focuses on form, texture and imagery. She enjoys looking into the symbolism of the creatures and plants she uses for inspiration, as well as using objects she finds on her adventures in nature. Her work often includes a subtle sense of humour and an enjoyment of the unexpected. Click on the image for more details.

mary-ellen belleville

With a treasure trove of bits and pieces, Mary-Ellen decorates paper mache mannequins that are in turn whimsical, elegant, organic, militaristic or simply fun.

Click on the image to find out more about this piece and other art pieces by Mary-Ellen. 



Based in Ballarat, Australia, Sonica works from her peaceful home studio.  

Sonica considers herself an art admirer, nature lover and a passionate creator. Her love for vibrant and metallic colours comes from traveling, exploring new places and capturing the landscapes. She has a special interest in abstract expressionism.

Click on the image for more details on this and other art pieces by Sonica.


deb weston

Deb Weston is a regional textile artist who reclaims unwanted carpet yarn from the rubbish tip to create #iwaslandfill yarn and products.  Click on the image for more.

nyulla safi

Nyulla is an Australian Army veteran who is drawn to the environment as her subject matter through an intuitive, art therapy-based approach for injuries sustained during her military service.

She works intuitively and is surprised by what appears as her hands move and her mind is immersed in the moment. Click on the image for more details.

teresa nunes

Teresa Nunes’ works explore texture and colour through different techniques like carving, clay staining and botanical dyeing using plants and food waste.  Click on the image for more.

elena strohfeldt

Elena juxtaposes the complexity of human emotion with the simplicity of the singular line. Each brush stroke tells a story, shows an emotion and starts a conversation. Click on the image for more details on this and other art pieces by Elena.

Elena ensures each process is sustainable, each piece tells a meaningful story and each success is shared with her customers and those in need.


solart gallery

Working with alcohol and acrylic inks, Leela makes eye-popping vibrantly coloured art for your ears.  Each piece is unique.  Click on the image for more.


Gatbi’s unique products are screenprinted and sewn by hand in Canberra.  Click on the image to check out their magpie doorstops in store.

alexandra cerutti

Alexandra is a Venezuelan born visual artist currently living in Sydney.

Through her photography Alexandra invites you to view things differently by finding the true beauty in the everyday. Click on the image for more.

katherine marmaras

Katherine’s art practice is process driven as she often finds herself losing all sense of time in the meditative act of random and repetitive mark-making which she utilises to invite the viewer to contemplate, reflect and to take a closer look. Objects found in nature and collected items are often repurposed and feature in her work in an unconventional and unexpected manner.  For more details, click on the image.