past exhibitions

It’s Still Life

28th August to 20th November 2021

A group exhibition where we asked artists and makers from Geelong, the surrounding regions, and beyond to show us their interpretation on the theme utilising innovative ways of looking at everyday objects whether they be from nature, found or man-made.

Featuring art pieces by:
Annelise Scott, Astrid Phillips, Cassandra Tobin, Catherine Tait, Celeste Magee, Cherie Roessler, Daniella Tigani, David Doyle, Faye Butler, Hannah Hall, Jenna Kernaghan, Karenne Ann, Kaye Mirtschin, Laura Bean, Lea Rose, Leonardo McClaren, Loren Whiffin, Meg Shaw, Michele England, Michelle Thompson, Neil McClure, Olivia Siddaway, Rebecca Kilpatrick, Romana Topic, Sara Maiorino, Sarah Wallace-Smith, Sharon Leeds, Steven Hall, Sveta Chay, Terence Beer, Venessa Zylka, YeoJeong Yoon and Zora Verona



4th March to 8th May 2021

A group exhibition where we invited artists and makers to tell us what ‘home’ means to them.

Featuring art pieces by:

Carol Kite-Close, Charlotte Guest, Deborah McHugh, Di Ellis, Jan Verouden, Janine Giddings, Jo Wattle Taylor, Kathy Fahey, Katika Schultz, Leonardo McClaren, Mandy Schulze, Marianne Huhn, Mary-Ellen Belleville, Meg Shaw, Michelle Thompson, Molly O’Hara, Rocket, Romana Topic, Ryan Lee, Sandra Batten, Sharon Leeds & Sienna Barton 

Marking Time

3rd October to 31st December 2020

A group exhibition where we asked artists and makers to show us what they have been making during lockdown and how their processes may have been affected by lockdown.

Featuring works by:

Amy Tsilemanis, Edwina Combe, Flokk Studio, Frances Guerin, Heather Young, Janine Giddings, Jem Olsen, Jo Wattle Taylor, Kellie Morris, Rohana Holiday, Sandra Batten & Vanessa Sandoval


30th May to 1st August 2020

An exhibition of works from innovative local and regional artists and makers who create with, on or are inspired by PAPER.

Featuring works by:

Amy Tsilemanis, Carol Kite-Close, Deb Gartland, Elena Strohfeldt, Flokk Studio, Jan Verouden, Kellie Morris, Luciano, Rocket, Sis Gardner, Vanessa Esau and Zsofia Samu

Doing it differently…

 16th February to 2nd May 2020

Our first group exhibition where we asked artists to show us how they do their ‘thing’ differently… whether they paint, draw, weave, collage, print or whatever they do creatively.

Featuring works by:

Jo Bettiol, Flokk Studio, Joshua Maxwell de Hoog, Kathy Fahey, Deb Gartland, Janine Giddings, Carol Kite-Close, Adrienne Kneebone, Sophie Maragos, Jem Olsen, Helen Philipp, dannye radakovich, Rocket, Tiffany Tate, Jan Verouden and Heather Young.


Piecing together…
fragments of culture

2nd November 2019 to 31st January 2020

A series of mixed media works presented by Katherine Marmaras exploring how culture influences our domestic surroundings through the collage of familiar repurposed and discarded materials.