miranda brett

Miranda Brett is a textile artist who loves to collaborate with a diverse range of materials and creatively express their entwined stories. Miranda has participated in several exhibitions and facilitated workshops throughout Melbourne and regional NSW.

Miranda says, “The definition for ‘Wallflower” for me is someone or something that is overlooked, underestimated and undervalued. That which is glanced at but not truly seen. It is often how I have viewed my local landscape. Being confined to that local landscape in recent times provided an invitation to look deeper and discover the richness that exists all around us in its start familiarity.

Most of my materials have been sourced from a 5 km radius; windfallen leaves collected from many walks, fabric gifted from family and friends; the local op shop and plants from my very own backyard.

What a delight to give a second, deeper glance and create for this Wall flower exhibition.”


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